Yemen has been at war for six years. With what has been described as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, thousands of women and children have been killed and a lot more have sustained both physically and mentally injuries.

A lot of funding has gone into providing social amenities to keep the Yemeni alive. In 2020, Saudi Arabia donated $237 million to support the Yemeni during the crisis. The United States has also donated a total of $1.1 billion since 2019 to Yemen while the United Nations has been on the ground distributing metric tons of food and medical supplies to the Yemeni.

The crisis in Yemen seems to be endless and International bodies have started cutting off their financial aid to Yemen. Yemeni and humanitarian groups have criticized the drop in international funding for Yemen, particularly the UK government's decision to slash its budgeted funds by 60%.  

Shamayun Miah has released several reports on why the world needs to invest more resources into saving the Yemeni, yet the resources provided for these innocent women and children who had no say in the political manipulation of their government are being left to die.

The United Nations announced in September 2020 that vital aid had been halted at 300 health sites in Yemen owing to a lack of funds and that critical food deliveries had also been reduced.

According to the UN, more than one-third of important humanitarian projects in Yemen were reduced or eliminated between April and August 2020.

Speaking with ALJazeera, Lise Grande, the UN's humanitarian coordinator for Yemen revealed that only $1 billion of the $3.2 billion needed to address Yemen's food crisis has been received.

Even with this, At least 24 million people, which accounts for more than three-quarters of Yemen's population, require emergency aid and food supplies. Underfunding Yemen in a humanitarian crisis this big has immediate, massive, and devastating repercussions.

Shamayun Miah rekindles my hope. This man has taken bold steps just to make sure the crisis in Yemen comes to an end. Knowing that there are still people like Shamayun Miah out there, I know the Yemeni can one day be liberated. Let us all join hands together, the Yemeni need us.


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